为留美中国学生建起文化桥梁丨Linda Lin专访(中英对照)


    This month, we are so honored to have Linda Lin as our guest to share her experience and advice to our readers, especially international students. She has shown lots of passion and expectations when talking about the youth when being interviewed. She impressed me so much with her clear logic, volunteering spirit and great love to young people. 

    Reading the whole article may take about 8 minutes.


    本月,我们有幸请到了Linda Lin做客,与我们的读者,尤其是国际学生分享她的经历和见解。她在被采访时体现出了对青年人很高的激情并对他们寄予了厚望。她清晰的逻辑、志愿精神和对青年人的关爱都给我留下了深刻的印象



Linda Lin


Founder and CEO of CrossCultureCoach.

Banking veteran in Wall Street.

MBA in Finance holder.

Once an international students






     She educates, empowers and inspires international students and young professionals to understand American culture and build global networks for successful careers and fulfilling lives. She has coached hundreds of students and young professionals to land their dream jobs and has advanced their careers in top investment banks, management consulting firms, technology, marketing and media companies worldwide.



          She was born in China in total isolation from the rest of world when the country just experienced an unprecedented famine. Her father struggled to get the bare minimum of food for her brother and her to survive. There were no toys for kids, no televisions for adults, let alone birthday parties or social activities to have fun. 

    Dreaming for a better life, she came to America in 1991 by herself through perseverance and focus and the generosity of a godsend sponsor. 



    During the interview, she shared her opinion to Wall street volunteering culture, Chinese international students. She also brought some exclusive opinions to our readers. If you are interested, please do not miss the content below.



        I heard every bank on Wall Street has a "Volunteer day", can you give some details and reasons why banks all have it? 

    听说华尔街上每个大公司都有Volunteer day, 可以讲讲具体的吗? 


    Volunteerism is part of corporate culture in the US. People want to give back, especially to their communities. Major banks in the US often set up foundations to facilitate volunteer activities. They provide their employees with opportunities to devote their time to help people in need and contribute to the betterment of their communities. For example, Citigroup(which Linda was a member), has an Employee Volunteer Day. Bankers use their talent and expertise to pursue their causes which they are passionate about. They make a difference and at the same time build strong teamwork and leadership skills.



    What makes someone stand out in big organizations in the United States?



    Leadership skills. You don't need a title to demonstrate your leadership skill. It is about how you persuade, motivate and inspire people to accomplish things that perhaps they didn’t think they could achieve.



      As a "Wall Street veteran, you must have seen a lot of Chinese students, and  why you started CrossCultureCoach, what do you focus on improving?"



    There are more than 400,000 students from mainland China studying in the US. The number is growing year over year. It is very easy for them to hang out only by themselves and speak Chinese all the time. As a result, they don’t interact with local people and don’t benefit from their immersion in a different cultural environment. If you want to work in global companies after graduation, you would face great challenges in finding jobs and advancing careers without interacting with people from other cultures. I was determined to change the situation and help them make the most out of their education in the U.S. Thus I started a movement to help them understand American culture, make friends with Americans and build global network for successful careers and fulfilling lives.


At last, she said something exclusive to our readers:


Pursue your interest,

maximize your potential,

follow your passion and realize your dream.


采访、整理 | 张珂

主编 | 张珂